[Assets in Action] Barb Newton

Meet Barb Newton

Barb Newton is the director of First Presbyterian Preschool. Having taught in BCSC public schools before her current position, Barb is all about helping each child feel connected and loved. She is passionate about developmental assets because the assets are needed from birth on. The developmental assets allow us all to participate to help the child grow and find their place in our community. 

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What Barb has been doing as a facilitator

One way Barb has been sharing information about the assets is by simply talking with parents she meets across the community. She had one conversation at the Supply Giveaway Event that stood out to her:

I spoke to one mom and she said,"I am always looking for ways to help my daughter to grow up into a happy, responsible kid.  We had Family Service help and now I would love to have another way to help her as she grows.  She is going to kindergarten this year and that is a big step." As I handed her the Did You Know brochure, she was most appreciative and said she would check out the website as well. Parenting is a tough job and the Developmental Assets help us to define what we can do to help our children thrive! 

Barb has also implemented Developmental Assets into First Presbyterian Preschool. The teachers do a variety of activities at their staff retreat as well as with their students at the beginning of the year. They also created posters on the Developmental Assets and posted them around the building as a way to educate those in the building. Each poster explains an asset category and breaks down what adults can do for kids in different early learning stages. Check out their amazing work:


Written by: Kate Stewart, CYD Fellowship