[Humans of Columbus] Elisabeth Jones

The Humans of Columbus blog posts are a collaboration with the Council for Youth Department for Maya Federle's senior project. The goal for these stories is to open the eyes of those who read them to the incredibly diverse patchwork of stories that makes up the community of Columbus.


Elisabeth Jones - Turning Point Domestic Violence Services

“Obviously we don’t have the history for her medically. We don’t have any of that information. We don’t know anything other than she was abandoned on a doorstep. The process for international adoption would be the bravest thing I’ve ever done. It was finding out all of the paperwork that was involved, the fingerprinting, the home study, and everything and the process of years that that it took for us to come to parenthood. It was just really interesting all of the red tape that you have to go through. I think Maia is getting old enough and getting to the point where she’s questioning kind of who her people are biologically. So we’ve done the Ancestry.com and the 23 And Me for her. Obviously we could never lie to Maia that she was our bio child. You can tell that she’s from China. So I think just being interested and supporting her culturally and trying to eventually find more out about her and her cultural past and her perhaps biological kin too is always something that we’re open to as well. Your family’s not necessarily just biological. It’s however you make it.” (13 years in Columbus)

Written by: Maya Federle, BCSC senior project
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