Our Projects: For Youths


youth empowerment summit (Annual Event)

Youth Empowerment Summit is a week long series of public events designed to spark community conversation and youth engagement. It was first launched in 2018 and each year, CYD and participating community partners host free events around a common theme. In line with CYD’s efforts to integrate the Developmental Assets framework and our collective vision, we believe that empowerment is an essential and fundamental right we aspire every resident to feel if we hope to ensure a community where all youth and families are reaching their full potential.


youth mapping project - snapshot 2019 *

Local young people have shared the need for more affordable opportunities for engagement and leadership in Bartholomew County. The youth mapping project will provide a snapshot of current programs serving youth in our county and identify gaps and barriers for youth participation. Mapping information is intended to be used as a reference to strategically evaluate existing and plan new opportunities for youth.

Results to be shared by end of 2019


shine on post card (Annual Event)

Shine On is our annual campaign we first launched in 2017 to celebrate United Nations International Youth Day. Each year student artists submit designs interpreting the theme “shine on” and four are selected for the printed postcards. To date, over 23,000 Shine On postcards have been distributed across the community thanks to our coalition partners and the public. In this year alone, social media posts on Facebook for Shine On reached over 9,000 people from July 8th to August 12th, 2019.

>> Postcards from 2018, 2017


CYD youth media team

CYD Youth Media Team is a project based initiative for youth to come and practice their passion and skills in photography, video editing and production.