Our Projects: For Youths


youth empowerment summit (Annual Event)

Join us for a week long, thoughtful discussion focused on ensuring all young people in Bartholomew County have the opportunity to thrive.


youth mapping project - snapshot 2019 *

The purpose of this project is to identify current gaps and opportunities in programs for youth, birth to 25 in Bartholomew County.

It is to build awareness through presentations, media and references and spark action to more mapping, program review, program design, evaluation and advocacy.


shine on post card (Annual Event)

In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared August 12th as International Youth Day. Every year, Council for Youth Development and our partner, Communities That Care, join together to share our appreciation for Bartholomew County children, teens, and young adults.

Every youth deserves to be supported. Join us and take the time to encourage our youth to shine on!

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