Grant Development Workshop Series 2017

The Council for Youth Development and Bartholomew County Public Library
to host three free Grant Development Workshops this Fall.

Who should attend these free trainings?
We recognize that many local entities have limited staff capacity for grant writing and see our workshops as an opportunity to improve the skills of board members and dedicated volunteers who may also take on fund development roles in organizations serving young people and families.

In short, we believe these free workshops are for staff and committed volunteers responsible for securing the funding to help your organization improve impact and ensure sustainablity.


Our Grant Development Workshop Series has been designed as three independent sessions; however, we strongly recommend attendees register for all three sessions to collect unique resources only available to during session participation. Space limited to 100 attendees and registration tickets required for entrance. 

OCTOBER 4, 2017 -
Free | SESSION 1: Grant Funding Overview with JD Levy & Associates

Description: Brand new to writing grants? Weathered grant writing veteran that would appreciate refreshing your skills? This workshop has been designed for a variety of experience levels in mind. To kick off this series we are hosting a grantsmanship expert to share best practice models and provide a practical Grantsmanship Guidebook to help you navigate future funding proposals.

Workshop Guest Instructor:  Mandy Scherer, MA – Director of Philanthropic Sustainability, JD Levy & Associates

Workshop Itinerary:

  • Exploring types of grant funding
  • First steps your organization should do before considering grant funding
  • How to research and pursue grant funding that aligns with your organization’s mission
  • Common requirements for grant funding proposals
  • Best practices for cultivating relationship with funders

Complimentary Resources for Attendees:
JD Levy & Associates Grantsmanship Guidebook (52 page spiral bound, print version)

Location: Columbus Branch - Bartholomew County Public Library, Lafayette Ave & 5th St, Columbus, IN 47201
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
RSVP:  Reserve your free ticket by selecting the button below:

october 25, 2017 -
e | session 2: Bartholomew County Public Library Resource Center

Description: With limited time and resources to pursue grant funding, why not take advantage of the powerful tools available at the Bartholomew County Public Library’s Resource Center? Join BCPL Resource Center Coordinator, Michele Bottorff, for a three hour workshop on grantsmanship tools at your fingertips and in your local library. Did we mention these are FREE resources? We encourage attendees to bring laptops, iPads, and other computer devices to use during this workshop. Session 2 provides the perfect opportunity to get hands on experience using the exclusive online grant search services accessible through the Bartholomew County Public Library computers.

Workshop Instructor:  Michele Bottorff, BCPL Resource Center Coordinator

Workshop Itinerary:

  • BCPL Online Resource Tour
  • Return on Investment- Good Preparation for Smart Grant Searching
  • Hands On: How-to Search Activities for Grant Funding

Complimentary Resources for Attendees:
Bartholomew County Public Library Grant Resource Toolkit

Location: Columbus Branch - Bartholomew County Public Library, Lafayette Ave & 5th St, Columbus, IN 47201
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
RSVP:  Reserve your free ticket by selecting the button below:

november 1, 2017 -
e | session 3: Bartholomew County FUNDER ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION

Description: What are local Bartholomew County funders looking for from grantees? Finally, an opportunity to hear from family, community, and corporate foundations that fund Bartholomew County initiatives focused on youth and family well-being. Session 3 provides time to ask questions, network, and take away valuable advice to apply to your own grant development strategies.

We have reserved the BCPL Computer Lab from 11:00am to 12:00pm for attendees to search for online grants after the Round Table session. Michele Bottorff, BCPL Resource Center Coordinator and Heather Carson, CYD Coordinator will be available during this time to provide assistance with library resources.

Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am*
Location: Bartholomew County Public Library, Red Room (lower level)

Workshop Round Table Guests: Community leaders representing Heritage Fund- Community Foundation for Bartholomew County; Cummins Foundation; Custer, Nugent, and Teegarden Foundations; and Faurecia.

Workshop Itinerary:

  • Four Bartholomew County Foundation Leaders Representing Community, Family, and Corporate Funding
  • Discussion Focus: Funding Opportunities, Common Questions, Cautionary Tales
  • Sample Funder Timelines, Applications, and Reporting

*Opportunity from 11:00am to 12:00pm to use BCPL Resource Center for Online Grant Search

Thank You

October grantmanship resources and materials made possible through a Heritage Fund Organizational Excellence Grant to Council for Youth Development and Bartholomew County Public Library partnership.