Developmental Assets Cohort

We successfully hosted our first Developmental Assets community cohort training in March of 2018. Twenty-four community partners are now able to facilitate the Developmental Assets framework approach throughout Bartholomew County. Check out who they are below.

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Evelisse Calo-ramos

Centerstone |

Access Site Coordinator/Wraparound Coordinator

Evelisse works to connect kids with mental and behavioral issues to a variety of resources they can access without being uprooted from their home. She started using the Developmental Assets when she was the parent of one child and today continues to incorporate them into her work to remind herself and other staff members how to treat young people.


kelli hoeflinger

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corporation |

School Counseling Director

Kelli is a school counselor who does social, emotional, academic, and career counseling for 7th-12th graders. She became a Developmental Assets facilitator because she appreciates that it is a strength based approach that assumes everyone has the ability to grow to be their best.

Steve Jasper

Advocates for Children |

CASA Training Coordinator

Steve trains new volunteers who serve as advocates for children in need of services. He decided to become a Developmental Assets Facilitator because the assets are applicable to his work with kids who have not been built up in their home lives.


Raina jones

Family Service, Inc. |

CAP Coordinator

Raina’s focus is on bullying prevention throughout the community. She works with kids of all ages through various community outlets and schools. She became a Developmental Asset facilitator because she believes that everyone has a role in the community to help shape the young people because they will be the ones taking over down the road.


Mariah lucas-georges

Bartholomew County Youth Service Center |

Youth Service Center Day Treatment Coordinator

Mariah works with primarily older kids on high-risk cognitive behaviors. She also does community service in her position and life skills facilitating. She attended a Developmental Assets training and liked how it applied directly to her work and can be used across the whole community.


Luz E. Michel

Community Education Coalition - Latino Education Coalition |

Latino Education Outreach and Program Manager

Luz works with middle school and high school students to increase graduation rates and secondary school attendance within the Latino community. She likes the Developmental Assets because they are small changes that can have a huge impact on all people.


Laura Moses

Foundation for Youth |

FFY Health and Fitness Director

Laura oversees athletics, aquatics, and rentals at FFY and is also part of the leadership team. She first learned about Developmental Assets 13 years ago when she incorporated them into parenting her own children. Today, she ensures that athletic coaches at FFY are trained in Developmental Assets so they can use them when working with the kids.


barb newton

Early Learning Coalition |

Director of First Presbyterian Preschool/CAPP President

Barb is the director of First Presbyterian Preschool. She is passionate about Developmental Assets because the assets are needed from birth on. She believes they allow us all to participate to help the child grow and find their place in our community.


Brelyn nolting


Richards Elementary School Counselor

Brelyn works with students to help them succeed socially, emotionally, and academically inside and outside of the classroom. She became a Developmental Asset Cohort because the Assets provide a way to support kids with a common language.


Christina Rajanayakam

Thrive Alliance |

Family Caregiver Services Coordinator

Christina coordinates meetings to support grandparents and relatives raising kids who have experienced trauma. Christina admires the opportunity to empower the youth. To her, Developmental Assets help the whole community.


Shannon smith

George Junior Republic |

Regional Supervisor

Shannon supervises 12 case managers and therapists who work with youth and families across 5 counties. She admires that Developmental Assets can reach a wide variety of people whether they themselves need assets or if they will help others develop them.


andy young

Foundation for Youth |

Youth Development Director

Andy works internally at FFY ensuring that all national and local standards are being followed by the various programs. He became a Developmental Assets facilitator because he values the community coming together to address the needs of the youth, and everyone being on the same page about how to tackle the issues.


susan scott


CNHS Assistant Principal

Part of Susan’s role as Assistant Principal is gathering materials for students and coordinating support services as well as special needs programs. She got involved with Developmental Assets because she has watched kids struggle in school and believes that when students’ emotions are in the right place, they can open their minds.


Nicki Vreeland

Healthy Communities |

SAMH Action Team Coordinator/ASAP Prevention Team

Nicki works on community efforts around mental health and substance abuse prevention in people of all ages. She sees the Developmental Assets as an easy and natural way for people to understand how they can build up young people and give them a strong base to grow from.


lisa shafran

Turning Point Domestic Violence Services |

Turning Point President

Lisa works with young people through schools as they work to prevent domestic and dating violence. She became a Developmental Assets facilitator because she sees it as a common language that can be understood and shared across the youth service industry in the community.


Andrea Vogel

FFY/CTC/DFC Prevention |

Communities That Care Director

Andrea oversees substance prevention efforts in the community and ensures proper facilitation of the programming presented to young people. The programs she oversees affect kids in preschool through high school. She became a Developmental Assets facilitator because developmental assets aligned with programs CTC was already working with so for her, it was easy to get behind.


Request for Developmental Assets Training

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