Support | External Asset 

Young people need to be surrounded by people who love, care for, appreciate, and accept them.

The Six Support Assets:

  • Family support—Family life provides high levels of love and support.

  • Positive family communication—Young person and their parent(s) communicate positively, and young person is willing to seek parent(s) advice and counsel.

  • Other adult relationships—Young person receives support from three or more nonparent adults.

  • Caring neighborhood—Young person experiences caring neighbors.

  • Caring school climate—School provides a caring, encouraging environment.

  • Parent involvement in schooling—Parent(s) are actively involved in helping young person succeed in school.

Everyday Asset Building Tips:

  • Show courtesy to family members in public and at home

  • Invite caring, responsible adults to be part of your children’s lives

  • Vow to say one encouraging thing to someone each day

  • Encourage passions and interests in others

  • Volunteer to be a mentor for a young person

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