In 2017, the Council for Youth Development became the System of Care Initiative community coordination body for Bartholomew County. CYD joins a growing number of counties focused on aligning local efforts with regional and state work to achieve better well-being for all children, youth, and their families.

About System of Care Initiative (IN-SOC)

Indiana is actively working to improve the access to and quality of behavioral and mental health services for youth and families. At the state level, the Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) is committed to the mission to ensure that Indiana citizens have access to quality mental health and addiction services that promote individual, family and community resiliency and recovery.

By taking a systems level approach to wellness, stakeholders intend to achieve:

  • Respect, compassion and values throughout the system

  • Efforts to be responsive and tailor effective services that supports the unique whole person

  • Services and supports are created and maintained based upon community data

  • The community recognizes that stakeholders responsible for the creation and maintenance of the system include youth and families

  • A community-based infrastructure plans, coordinates, implements, and sustains the system through accountability, evaluation, and quality assurance

CYD network partners have access to IN-SOC grant funding and additional resources. To learn more about Indiana System of Care Initiative select the links provided.

Indiana System of Care Snapshot

SOC Coordination- Bartholomew County

Contact: Council for Youth Development

Region 14: Bartholomew, Shelby, Johnson, Jackson, & Jennings

Support and Resources

Training Community Leaders

Providing Grants and Funding

Shared Data and Measurements

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