What is the Partners Map?

The Council for Youth Development Partners Map is a dynamic web that visually connects all CYD partners to the Council for Youth Development and their appropriate community sector.

Move around the CYD Partners Map by clicking and dragging the mouse. You can zoom into any particular section of the map with either your mouse scroll wheel, or the zoom in and zoom out buttons located in the top-right of the map.

Clicking on an element within the map will reveal more information about the element:

Organizations: Selecting any Organization element will show that Organization’s mission statement/description, ages supported, CYD Partner & Title, and a link to the Organization’s website or contact email. At the bottom of the Organization profile are links to any CYD Partner Programs associated with that Organization.

Programs: Clicking on a Program element will reveal the Program’s description, ages supported, CYD Partner & Title, and a contact email link. Located at the bottom of the Program profile is a link that will return you to the Program’s Organization.

Searching & Filtering

Searching: Located in the top-left of the CYD Partners Map is a search bar. Use this search bar to search for a particular Organization and Program, or search for elements with the same tags.

Filtering At the top of the CYD Partners Map are 6 filter selectors. Clicking on one of the options will narrow the Partners Map to your selection. Clicking on additional selectors will add elements back to the Partners Map.

Tags: Located at the bottom of every element profile are tags. Tags help to categorize different elements by their relationship with other elements.

Legend: The CYD Partners Map legend is located in the bottom-right corner of the map. The legend displays the colors associated with the Organizations and Programs of each of the 6 community sectors. Refer to the legend for aid in the location of a specific Organization or Program.