We are hosting our 2nd annual Youth Empowerment Summit to spark community conversation about
The Power of Belonging - Building a Supportive Community for Positive Youth Development.


Summit 2019 theme: ‘the Power of belonging’

According to 21st Century Organizational Development, “Belonging is the outcome of holding space where everyone truly feels empowered to speak up, make change, and shift the culture.”

Moreover, it states that “people who feel a sense of belonging at work, or in their organizations, will be more resilient and willing to challenge themselves and others to be better stewards of equity, diversity and inclusion.” In line with CYD’s vision, we believe that belonging is an essential and fundamental right we aspire every resident to feel if we hope to ensure a community where all youth and families are reaching their full potential.

Do Bartholomew County youth feel a sense of belonging in their homes, schools, and community?
We believe now is the time to ask, listen, and work together so that every child, teen, and young adult confidently responds, “Yes, I belong.”


September 14 - 21, 2019 will be an active week filled with school assemblies and free community events supporting positive youth identity, family engagement, and youth empowerment.

Click on the individual events for more details or download schedule as PDF below.


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