How can we work together to ensure that every child is healthy, safe, educated, engaged, and supported throughout Bartholomew County?


The Council for Youth Development (CYD) is a Bartholomew County network that identifies, coordinates, and aligns community efforts to ensure the development of the whole child. 



youth empowerment summit 2019

We are hosting our 2nd annual Youth Empowerment Summit to spark community conversation about The Power of Belonging - Building a Supportive Community for Positive Youth Development.

It is a week long series of free public events designed to spark community conversation and youth engagement.


Free postcards are distributed August 5th-12th to celebrate International Youth Day and the young people of our community. Our goal is that each post card will end up in the hands of a young person in the community with a meaningful message written on the back.

cyd Workgroups

The purpose of the CYD Workgroups is to design and implement work plans that ensures long-term and sustainable impact in the strategic areas below:

Be a Developmental Asset Builder

Watch our Developmental Assets video trailer!
Thanks to local talent we have created a new video series about the eight developmental asset categories just for you. We believe everyone has the potential to be a strong Asset Builder for our youngest residents. More about Developmental Assets Here.

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Get Connected

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CYD Community Event Calendar

This calendar is for those interested in attending CYD meetings and upcoming events.
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